3 Simple Exercises To Relieve Back Pain & Neck Pain


Professional massages do magic when it comes to relieving back pain and stiff neck. Unfortunately, getting a professional massage means spending a small fortune, and not many people can afford it.

Nadia Peres is a physiotherapist from LA, and she recommends three super-simple ways to massage yourself. Use each of these to deal with back and neck pain.



 1. Neck

This massage is especially efficient if you struggle with severe neck pain and cannot turn your head. All you need is a harder sponge (or a yoga block) and a tennis ball.

Take the sponge in one hand and the tennis ball in your other hand. Stand a foot away from the wall, while facing it. Stretch the left leg back. Hold the sponge against the wall, in front of your right shoulder and place the tennic ball between the sponge and your neck. Gently press your body against the wall. Repeat the exercise, but this time with the other side of your neck.

2. Upper back

Experts believe there is a link between neck and back pain. Every time you massage your neck, make sure you massage your back as well, regardless of whether you feel any pain or not. Stand still, and your back should face the wall.

Place the tennis ball between the upper side of your right shoulder and the spine. Lean towards the wall. Make circular motions using your hand to massage the muscles in the front.

3. Stretch your neck and chest

Spending long hours in front of your computer or talking on your phone, improper sleeping and postures make you pull your neck forward unconsciously, which eventually causes stiffness and pain. Stretch your neck and back occasionally to prevent this.

Stand with your hands behind the back and lift your head in an attempt to stretch your neck and the whole body. Remember not to relax the stomach muscles. Keep your spine in its natural position. Hold in this position for half a minute.

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