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BakProtek® Backpack APPLE GREEN


  • Spacious, Light-weight, Assorted Colours
  • This bag is strong enough to carry plenty of books
  • Comes in 2 new colours – Turquoise Blue & Apple Green
  • Relieves 40% of Pressure on the Spine
  • Ensure your child’s back is protected with this bag
  • Sturdy, Stylish Bag
  • Size : 42cm x 31cm x 16cm
  • Weight : 0.9kg
  • Price : RM179

School’s back in session and you know what that means, lugging around lots of heavy books and many other items.

Bringing around heavy stuff isn’t good for young children, whose backs lack the physical strength to continuously deal with the strain.

Help them out with this special BakProtek back support bag.

Back pain, poor posture and scoliosis have become serious health issues for children who have their heavy school bags repetitively forced onto their axial spines for prolonged periods. This may affect the lumbar disc or even spine curvature negatively.

The BakProtek school bag is specially designed to give children greater comfort and ease. It is the result of an ongoing collaboration project between chiropractors and renown backpack manufacturing experts focusing on ergonomics in creating school bags that minimise spinal pressure.

Each back comes with a ‘3D Spinal Protection’ contoured back panel to provide better support and ventilation and multiple straps to lighten pressure, distribute weight and improve balance. An inner elastic bands helps to keep books in place and enhance stability. It’s lightweight material and light reflective trimming improve visibility under low light conditions.

Save your child the pain of back trouble and get this bag today.


Lumbopelvic Support System
This horizontal soft padding at the lower back is a special support system that reduces back stress and lightens heavy loads by transmitting the weight from the shoulders to the hips.
Sternal and Waist Straps
The sternal and waist strap serves as a means of stabilisation to bring the load as close as possible to the child’s axial spine (midback, lower back and pelvis). This is to minimise the swaying of the schoolbag by reducing its direct impact to the lower back spine.
Structurally-Reinforced Base
This prevents unnecessary sagging when filled with books.
Soft Back Padding Design Pattern
This offers gentle and sufficient support to the neck muscle group and allows better ventilation and cooling to the back.
Special-Designated Compartments
Helps to spread the load across the back and reduces back pain and strain.
Reflective Stripes
The reflective strips on the straps and front serve as a safety features as it glows in the dark.
Wide Top Handle
For easy and comfortable gripping.

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