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MyDeal.com.my Cares for the Students

MyDeal.com.my has constant intention to support charity that brings betterment to the society. This time, we support the “Buy 1 Donate 1 BakProtek School Bag Charity Campaign” organised by Present & Pleasant Enterprise (P&P).

The heavy school bag load has been a known issue for years, especially to the primary students. Many students who have back problem developed in the later age are partly due to the wrong choice of school bags. P&P realise that the primary students need spinal protection school bag to help protecting their backbone but most of the brands sold in the market at unaffordable price. This stops the parents in getting their children the right bag – spinal protection school bag.

With the vision of allowing most of the students to be provided with a spinal protection school bag, P&P has organised the “Buy 1 Donate 1 BakProtek School Bag Charity Campaign”. In this campaign, BakProtek spinal protection school bag is price tremendously lower than other brands in the market. P&P wish to create a caring society where anyone purchases a BakProtek spinal protection school bag, they will top up the same amount of the same school bags to be donated to the underprivileged students on behalf.

Donation is delivered through charity home. The current collaborated charity home is MyKasih Foundation. P&P aims to raise 1,755 school bags to be donated to 28 schools under the Love My School Programme of MyKasih Foundation. All donors will be acknowledged on the details of the students.

MyDeal.com.my would like to invite all members to consider BakProtek spinal protection school bags for your children to protect their backbone while participate the meaningful charity campaign to not only help underprivileged children in their schooling, but to also perform a noble charitable act for the New Year 2014.

The objective of this whole-year-long campaign is to allow more and more students to be provided with the right school bag. Ultimately, create a society where the parents who can afford, to aid in donating to those who can’t afford. MyDeal.com.my and P&P hope for 100% support from all members. Thank You.

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