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Back to school? Let us know your tips for getting them settled back in.

We’ve all had a lovely Christmas and new year – but it’s time to get back to reality and return to work and school.

The excitement of the festive period can mean that the kids get used to being at home, watching all the films they like, getting lots of treats and playing with their new toys for hours on end.

So how do you get them back on track and focused for the new year? Read these tips and if you have your own, share them on our Mirror Mums Facebook page or via the form at the bottom of the article.

1. Make sure they get plenty of rest

Have you allowed the kids to stay up a bit later than their bedtime routine usually allows as a treat while they’ve been off school? Well, it’s time to get back on track.

In their first week back at school, make sure they get their early nights in and get plenty of sleep. You don’t want them to be tired and grumpy in the classroom and more rest will allow them to get their focus back.

This goes for you, too. If you’re tired then tensions are bound to run high in the morning when you’re trying to bundle everyone out of the door to get to school on time.

2. Stay organised

The first few weeks back at school are hectic enough, so get into the habit of preparing lunches, uniforms, book bags – everything you need – the night before.

Young children don’t have a great sense of urgency, so getting them up in time to get them ready without having to panic and rush them out of the house will help things run more smoothly..

They don’t have to be this elaborate…

3. Keep talking

Set some time aside each day to ask about how school is going – and be enthusiastic. Talk to them about their friends, ask what they’ve been doing in class. School can seem tedious after the excitement of Christmas, but if you’re enthusiastic then they will be, too.

4. Remember discipline

At Christmas you’re more likely to let naughtiness go unnoticed and, with all those treats, you might have noticed your children’s behaviour getting slightly worse.

Since they got their presents, have they got a bit cheekier, thinking that Father Christmas is no longer watching?

Do you use a naughty step or time out as an incentive to behave? Get back into your usual routine. Use the promise of treats to reward good behaviour and they’ll be back on track in no time.

This little boy completed his reward chart and got a LEGO space shuttle!
This little boy completed his reward chart and got a LEGO space shuttle!

5. Introduce a new year’s resolution

We all try to make them, so why not let your kids choose one each? If you select a reward as an incentive that you know they will like, it gives them a nice challenge and a goal.

You could make a sticker chart to track their progress and put it in a prominent place. What would you like them to do more? Keeping their room tidy is a good place to start, or eating their vegetables.

6. Healthy diet

Speaking of vegetables – after all that overindulgence at Christmas, we could all do with laying off the chocolate for a bit. Make sure they’re getting plenty of fruit and veg. After all, healthy bodies mean healthy minds.

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