Buy 1 Donate 1 BakProtek School Bag

You Buy, We Help To Donate On Your Behalf!

Manulife nourished a Hundred Families, Bukit Lanjan, Damansara Perdana

Every child deserves a pleasant back to school experience with new school bag. Education is, after all – the foundation of a child’s future.

Our Love to SRJK (C) Kung Min, Kuala Lumpur

Towards this noble cause – BakProtek is pleased to invite parents who will be buying new school bags for their children to participate the meaningful “Buy & Give – School Bag Donation Charity Campaign” to not only help underprivileged children in their schooling, but to also perform a noble charitable act for the New Year 2014.

MyKasih Foundation Donates 80 BakProtek to Kuen Cheng Students, Kuala Lumpur

For every purchase of BakProtek back protection school bag, BakProtek will donate 1 school bag on your behalf to needy children from collaborated charitable homes or those appointed by you. Remember – the more bags you purchase, the further your acts of charitable generosity goes for needy children!

BakProtek has reached out to Kg Pian, Temerloh

We also invite the corporate sector to place bulk orders as well as the public to purchase and donate to the designated charity homes. BakProtek will also top up the quantities of bags as required by these charity homes.

MyKasih Foundation Donates 38 BakProtek to SK Sri Damai Students, Petaling Jaya.

All school bag recipients from charitable home shall be acknowledged by each and every single purchaser or corporate organization donor.

BakProtek Donates 11 Backpacks to SK Bukit Lanjan, Damansara Perdana

Bentong Health Carnival,Pahang

Please “donate” a BakProtek school bag.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The total Buy & Donate Campaign will be monitored, managed and executed by BakProtek within the validity date.
  2. You may purchase BakProtek school bag(s) (“BakProtek”) via remittance to EDS Global Sdn Bhd with Public Bank Account no : 3180261525
  3. Donor(s) can either purchase the BakProtek for own use or purchase and donate together with the units that BakProtek intends to donate.
  4. The recipient child will be made known.
  5. The donor/purchase’s personal details will be required for any specific recipient(s) or charitable homes’.
  6. BakProtek reserves to right approve the validity of recipient as well as charitable home.
  7. BakProtek reserve the right to terminate any abused purchases and donation(s) of BakProtek.
  8. It is strictly prohibited to sell or resell any free and donated BakProtek school bags.
  9. All free and donated school bags are neither non-transferable nor exchangeable for cash.
  10. The purchase of the school bag is not valid during promotional events.
  11. BakProtek will not be responsible for issuing tax exempted receipt(s) of any amount for the purchase or donation of school bag(s).
  12. BakProtek bears no responsibility to replace or refund of any the delivered and donated free BakProtek school bags due damage, wear & tear, ruin, scratches etc.
  13. BakProtek reserves the right to use donors’ and recipients’ photos during the related charity activities for advertising purposes in various media (digital / printing / video etc.) free of charge.
  14. BakProtek reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions or terminate the campaign at any time without giving prior notice.

Please “donate” a BakProtek school bag.

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