Congratulations to the Winners of Pleasant Experience With BakProtek


1st prize winner - Lawrence Lim

1st prize winner : Lawrence Lim

As a parent to 2 school going children, I’m constantly worried about the load my children have to carry to school every day, be it their books, packed lunches and beverages. More often than not my children will complain that their bags are too heavy and it pains me to see them lugging the heavy bags to school every day. As such I always look out for suitable bags for them.

That is how I came to know about BakProtek schoolbags. After a bit of research and of course market comparison, I decided to get the bags for my kids and they absolutely loved it. The design of the bags are suitable for my children and gone are the complains of heavy bags and sore shoulders. I must say the bags are quite sturdy and lightweight too. Both my son and daughter loved their BakProtek bags so much that they hardly need my help to carry their schoolbags anymore.
I must say that it is one of the best investments that I have made thus far and I will not hesitate to share this with my family and friends. Thanks BakProtek.


2nd prize winner : Tan Wan Lin

Light on your precious one’s back, and yet not heavy on your pocket….. with BakProtek

For long, I’ve been frantically searching for a school bag that:

  1. Is light-weight but sturdy
  2. Has attractive contemporary design that will still be fashionable years down the track

Seeing my two boys hauling the heavy school bags to school everyday makes my heart heavier. In order to lessen their burdens, I have hence decided to ‘divide’ the content into two bags. Well, the price I have to pay for this seemingly most indigenous and ‘workable’ solution would be sparing another trip to the school to collect their forgotten second bag home once every two weeks.

It must be a pre-destined day that afternoon when I came across BakProtek. The design, the colours…….it was love at first sight! Most importantly, the boys love them! A couple of days later, the bags are on their backs. My worries are taken away as much as the burdens on their back!! Now, it’s light on their backs (the weight with the bag filled is sustainable with a piece of kitchen towel! Amazing!) and not too heavy on our pockets! And you enjoy the ‘back-protection’ features expensive chiropractic recommended bags have, with so much less to pay.


3rd prize winner : Eddy Leong

Pleasant experience with BakProtek

I am a father of two sons age 9 and 12 in a year ago. Every times when I accompany them to wait for the van to pick up them to school at the roadside nearby my house, I will struggle whether to help the elder or younger son to carry their heavy school bag. Both of the school bags are over loaded, heavy and a pressure to my shoulder even for an adult. Just felt pitiful of my two sons who still need to carry the heavy school bag after drop off from van to their classroom at first and third floor respectively.

I bought a branded bag for my 12 years old boy after looking at the increasing of books on UPSR modules. The bag look nice but seems that cannot relief the pressure of the over loaded weight. The school bag has torn off after 3 months of usage; I am looking at school bag which provided the protective function of the kids spinal.

One of my friends recommended me the BakProtek which I first time look at it with special design and was told it is co-design with the Doctor of Chiropractic according to the ergonomic spinal of the children. I felt that it is a lighter bag in empty while compare with the previous bags that I bought.

Both of my sons like their new BakProtek very much after they use it. I started to see their smiling face by carrying the school bag, their entire movement and walking was so pleasure even with the heavy schoolbag. They are just relax and seems no burden while boarding to the van and walking to their classroom. The multi-compartment and the special design of the compartment have made their schoolbag more tidy and organized.

It is trustworthy to invest in reasonable price in BakProtek with the function of relieve the over weight of school bag. Better still it has regained the happiness of my children during schooling time.

Be a smart parent with BakProtek to win the pleasant experience with your kids !!

Congratulations to the winners and they will be informed via Facebook & email.

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