From next year, Karnataka school kids will have lighter bags

BENGALURU: Schoolchildren will no longer have to trudge with a heavy load on their shoulders from the next academic year. New rules which fix the weight of their school bags based on their body weight are expected to be notified soon.

The maximum permitted weight of the school bag will not be more than 10% of the student’s body weight and they will also have a ‘no school bag day’ every week. These are some of the recommendations submitted to the Primary and Secondary Education Department by an expert committee in the first week of January.

Committee chief Dr Niranjanaradhya said, “We have submitted the final report along with a set of recommendations which will be issued as guidelines by the department. The report is with the Department of State Education Research and Training (DSERT).”

  • Bag must weigh less than 10% of body weight
  • Students should be allowed to keep their bags at schools  up to Class 2
  • ‘No Bag Day’ to be observed once a week
  • Students must be provided space to keep their class work at school
  • Pure water should be provided in classrooms so kids don’t have to carry water bottles
  • Healthy and hygienic canteen facility should be provided at schools so that carrying lunch boxes is avoided


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