Heavy School Bags = Stress


Heavy school bags equal stress for our children. This common overload can cause problems such as tiredness , injury to the spine, over stretching, straining & muscular imbalance. As a parent you should be concerned.

The bag should not be more than 15% of their weight. Weigh your kid then their bag.

Try to minimise what they pack in their bag. Eliminate everything that is not needed. School books, note pads, sports clothes, musical instruments the weight quickly adds up.

Have them regularly clear out & organise their bag !!!!

Invest in a good bag that fits them well, with soft shoulder straps, or buy a bag with wheels on it.

To better distribute the weight. Ask them to try to carry their backpacks over both shoulders If they carry a normal bag encourage them to switch sides throughout the day. With a backpack place the heaviest objects closer to their back. That way there is less force pulling away from them. If you take them to school/pick them up carry their bag. The poor little one has had to carry it around most of the day.

Discuss the subject with them & encourage them to elevate their stress through stretching & of course Yoga. Yoga can be a powerful tool that enables kids & adults to relax & become more aware of their bodies & of musculaire tension & stress. Once these relaxation methods are acquired they can be used off the Yoga mat & throughout our everyday lives.

Source : http://www.yogaenfants.com/heavy-school-bags-stress/

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