How to organise your child’s school bag

Your children’s backpack is an important link between home and school. Over time, their backpack can become a mess of junk and crumpled papers. If they can’t find what they need inside, the link breaks down. The website can help you help your children organise their backpack and keep it under control to last the whole school terms.

* Find a backpack that matches your child’s needs.

Organising your child’s backpack begins with finding the right one for your child. Make sure the backpack you choose is sturdy and has multiple compartments and zipper pockets. However, if your child gets frustrated looking for things or has a hard time with zippers, don’t go overboard on the compartments, opt for Velcro and fewer pockets.

* Start with an empty backpack.

If your child has a brand new backpack, you are ready to organise. If you are starting with an old backpack, empty it out and start from scratch.

Have your child sort everything that was in the backpack into three piles; one for school supplies, one for papers and books, and one for things they take back and forth like lunchbox.

* Sort and group school supplies.

Sort school supplies clearly into defined categories — put pens, pencils and highlighters together. Assign each category to a compartment or zipper pocket. Big compartments can be for books and another for notebooks and folders. Choose a smaller pocket for writing tools. You may also need a compartment for things that change every day, such as gym clothes.

* Make a “letter and consent forms” folder.

Give your child a folder for all the school letters that the teacher passes out. Remind your child to always bring the folder home and to tell you if they received a letter from school.

Sign consent forms, put them in the folder, and have your child put the folder in the backpack for the next day.

* Schedule a regular time for backpack checks.

Set aside a regular time to check your child’s backpack to avoid getting disorganised. Task this every Sunday night, fortnightly or monthly. This is a good time to get rid of all the crumb and tissues that build up inside the bag.


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