How to Thread a Backpack Strap

Have you ever pulled a strap on your back pack apart in error and not known how to thread it up again?

Back-pack or tramping-pack straps are often connected by ladder-lock buckles (so named for obvious reasons). These are cunning devices that allow the strap to be pulled up tight and released at will.


The top two ‘rungs’ of the ladder-lock buckle provide the permanent attachment to the pack. The bottom two ‘rungs’ are the working parts.

Thread the loose strap up behind the buckle and out again through the top hole of the working part (see Pictureillustration right). Now thread it over the ‘rung’ and back down under the bottom rung (the ‘tongue’ of the buckle).


Pull down on the strap to tighten it. Lift the tongue of the buckle to loosen it.

BakProtek Sternal and Waist Straps

The sternal and waist strap serves as a means of stabilisation to bring the load as close as possible to the child’s axial spine (midback, lower back and pelvis). This is to minimise the swaying of the schoolbag by reducing its direct impact to the lower back spine.

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