Our Love to SRJK (C) Kung Min

Today is a good day. We are preparing ourselves early morning for BakProtek distribution in SRJK (C) Kung Min.

There are total of 40 plus students well prepared for the ceremony. These are children from low income families, who are under MyKasih Love My School Education Bursary programme. We are truly grateful when we start briefing our main purpose of the session. There are so many “oohsssssss” , “aaaaahssssssss” and “woooooooooooooooos” when we showed them the goodies we packed for them in their BakProtek school bags. Items include: a box of pencils, a box of 24 colour pencils, a pencil box, scissors, glue, 2 sharpeners, 2 erasers, 1 short ruler, 1 long ruler, a lunch box & water bottle. Lastly, not to forget the BakProtek Backpack.

Notes from MyKasih : I hope more donors will do this Back to School activity for year end – it helps motivate the children to study better – now that they are ‘well equipped’ for school. Their confidence level automatically increase.

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