Save the Children from Carrying Heavy Loads of School Bag


Today school bag carried by school children as a daily load becomes a health problem. Back pain in school children is becoming a new topic of growing health problem raising a red flag and an alarm about the dangers associated with improper childhood school bag weight and use.

The weight of school bag and the negative consequences of such a heavy load may cause back pain and damage the spine in children.

Based on the recommendation of the Professor Yashpal Committee, the HRD ministry had asked the National Council of Education Research and Training to rework school syllabus to reduce the load of books. The Central Board of Secondary Education has also framed guidelines for its affiliated schools to reduce backpack loads.

However the implementation of the said recommendations has yet not seen sunlight, as the plight of the small children is still sympathetic. There is no law in India to regulate weight of school bags but from time to time certain guidelines have come for governing boards. These not being mandatory.

To ensure that we save our Children from Carrying Heavy Loads of School Bag on their Back, you should join our campaign – Sign this petition and share this mail with your friends.


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