Which School Bag to Buy?


This is the Back To School season again, where all the parents busy thinking and preparing the check list for their child. What strikes me is : Which school bag to buy? This is a very interesting and debatable topic.

Nowadays, parents are real smart. 99% known trolley school bag will harm their kids and it will not appear in their check list at all. Thus, backpack will be the only option.

Then, price is the issue now. How much?

In the market, to get a good chiropractic or back support schoolbag definitely not cheap. It could price up to RM250 and above. Moreover if that is a branded and well-known schoolbag. Why are we paying extra to the marketing & promotion strategy? Parents are paying extra money just because the brands are visible everywhere like newspaper, retail & etc.

Relax, parents!

Most important to consider is the feature : Chiropractic Feature

Sit back and think twice, you should compare apple to apple, make sure the fundamental of back support features are there.

While taking all the above points as considerations, will you ever think of other child? Some don’t even have the basic of living, not talking of these luxury features of back support school bag. What they looking for is only a brand new school bag with a good living environment.

They do need a good back support school bag for the coming years. You can help them, in fact. Buy 1 BakProtek, we will donate 1 on behalf. You are sharing the joy and happiness with them. They will appreciate on your good deed. RM139 costs nothing to you, if you are affordable to think “Which school bag to buy?” at the first place, am I right?

Lastly, are you choosing the schoolbag on behalf or let your children deciding? This is an initiative for us to contribute back to the society; I would like to invite you to join the good deed too. The objective is to have more children using the right school bag. Hope to see if you can support this campaign like others. Thank you very much.

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